Have a Healthy Easter without the Junk

Happy Easter without the JunkI have one very fond memory of Easter when I was little. My brother and I were looking for hidden eggs around the house and could not, for the life of us, find the last one. My mom put a bounty on the egg and told us she would give 3 pennies to the person who finally found it. That was like striking gold for a little kid. We continued to hunt and hunt until said egg was finally found. You know who found it? That’s right…me.

That Easter apparently made such an impact on me, because later during an original song writing session (which my brother and I often did for our amusement), I wrote an epic song about it. To this day, my brother can STILL sing it word for word. Maybe I missed my calling as a song writer.

I mention that story because Easter is a mere 11 days away. Typically this means more candy, more toys, more junk. Welcome to America. The land of commercialism. But Easter doesn’t necessarily have to equate with candy. I mean, I got so excited about 3 measly pennies, wrote a song about it and still remember those Easter events 3 decades later.

In past years, I really have limited how much candy has gone into my kids Easter baskets. This year, I am eliminating it all together! Heck, we still have Halloween candy left! Fortunately, there are other items to fill your kiddos baskets with, not centered around junk foods. (Edited: I caved and bought them each Theo’s Peanut Butter Cups. They had me at hello.)

Check out my list of fun alternatives!

Non-Food Egg Stuffers

“Better” Candy Choices – Although these are not all “perfect” choices, they are better than conventional candy full of food dyes, GMOs and fillers. If you are going to give candy this year, go for these brands instead.

Basket Stuffers

Finally, If you are looking for Easter egg dying alternatives check out these enviro-friendly alternatives.

Happy Easter and until next time, keep it real.

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